Care instructions

In order to enjoy your new Lunge shoes for as long as possible, please consider the following care instructions.

  • - Preferably clean your Lunge shoe dry with a soft brush.

  • - The profile of the sole can be cleaned of dried dirt by tapping the soles against each other.

  • - To wash out stains and odours, please use only water and mild soap, not a washing machine.

  • - Persistent stains on the foam of the midsole can be carefully rubbed off with a colourless eraser.

  • - Stuffed with newspaper, leave the shoes to dry in a warm, airy place without direct sunlight.

  • - Only use the shoes when they are dry. However it's fine if your Lunge shoes get wet while running.

  • - If the shoe is heavily soaked, take out the insole to dry.

  • - Please use only shoe trees that fill the shoe without deforming it.

  • - All commercially available shoe impregnating agents can be used for impregnation. Our shoes can thus be water-repellent impregnated, which makes them suitable for rain. Complete waterproofing is not possible, but it is sufficient for use in light rain or showers.

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