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Feetality Insoles

Upgrade your shoes and prevent foot, knee, and back problems.

A healthy choice

Thirty years of experience have gone into our Feetality 3D system sole and the cumulation of our expertise has made it into a truly successful sole. The insoles are suggested if you want to prevent chronic damage. Feetality 3D system soles are also the first choice as a prophylactic against heel spurs, Haglund heel, splayfeet, fallen arches, and Achilles tendon ailments. In addition you can prevent both strain induced knee pain and shin splints. But remember of course that a good insole always needs a good shoe!

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Fits the foot like a glove

Splayed, flat, or skewed feet – many people suffer from such abnormalities. In these cases Feetality 3D system soles provide professional support and real protection. The problem is that many running shoes have a too simple internal design and are insufficient as prophylactics against leg injuries. On the other hand, orthopedic insoles often function too strongly. Feetality 3D system soles offer exactly the right amount of support - not too much, not too little.

After only a few hours of acclimation, our insoles can be actively used as support for many types of sport activities. They are even suggested for ski boots and inline skates. In all cases you will feel the difference. Feetality 3D system soles correct splayed, flat, or skewed feet in exactly the right place and to a comfortable degree.

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Precise control of the foot

The heel is like a steering wheel. It steers the foot by rolling and determines it's direction. With Feetality 3D system soles, the heel is fixed comfortably in the shoe and the foot is moved in a controlled fashion. In this way the foot muscles are supported and weakening is prevented. Feetality 3D system soles are something like an upgrade for your sport shoe. And the best thing is that in our experience, our system soles last for around 5000 kilometers.

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  • S.I.S.A. Lai Porellina
  • Latex foam by Brötje
  • EUR 35 - 48½
    US Men 4½ - 15
    US Women 6 - 14

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